Spettacolo: Folk Funk Superstarz + Word
Nazionalità: Italia
Si esibiscono il: 03 Jun
Email: ufficiostampa@eron.it
Url: www.myspace.com/folkfunkconcept
Tel.: +39 347 4335363
Folk Funk Superstarz + Word Music project based on reinterpretation of classic Romagna folk songs in slow-funk, trip-hop and hip-hop style, accompanied by a female voice; the lyrics, deriving from texts by Romagna poets, turn into dialect rap of refined and contemporary sound. The pieces are recorded in studio and played during the show as "author dj-set" with special appearance by Word, rank as one of the brightest protagonists of underground italian and dialect rap. The Folk Funk Superstarz + Word are: Davide Eron Salvadei, Federica Gif, Word. SUITABLE FOR: ALL