Spettacolo: Feria de los imposibles
Nazionalità: Spagna
Generi: Magic exhibition and optical illusions
Si esibiscono il: 09 Jun, 10 Jun
Email: civi-civiac@civi-civiac.com
Url: www.civi-civiac.com
Tel.: +34 974 405053, +34 617485059
Civi-Civiac producciones S.L. Proposal about participation games that make the audience enjoy a magical world where nothing is what it seems. It is an almost unreal phantasy space invading streets, squares and parks and turning them into magic places. Through the use of different stage objects, the audience will get carried away into a trip, a thinking adventure that will rouse their curiosity and creativity, where science and great inventions will have a leading role. The visual proposal is set in the Modernism era and aims at passing on to the audience the essence of that time, of the travels and inventions that enchanted the world. SUITABLE: FOR ALL.