Spettacolo: Eusebio Martinelli & The Gipsy Abarth Orkestar live tour 2012
Nazionalità: Italia
Generi: Italian gipsy music
Si esibiscono il: 07 Jun
Email: fiori.nicolo@gmail.com
Url: http://www.eusebiomartinelli.com/site/gipsyabarth
Tel.: 348.0023422
Eusebio Martinelli & The Gipsy Abarth Orkestar EXTRA- Italian-style "Turbo" gypsy music. "Gazpacho", the famous Andalusian dish whose ingredients are mixed in a unusual yet good-taste way, is the name of this group's first album composed of original and traditional pieces played in Gypsy Abarth style. Unique international musicianss coming from all over Europe (Italy, Serbia, Bosnia and United Kingdom) contributed to the production of Gazpacho. Their music activity ranges from their own projects to collaborations with great artists such as Goran Bregovich, Vinicio Capossela, Modena City Ramblers. The Gipsy Abarth Orkestar shows are based on the firm rhythm of drum and slapping double bass, while in the foreground the gypsy violin, the flamenco guitar and Eusebio Martinelli's crazy trumpet play with each other in wild improvisations. SUITABLE FOR: ALL