Nazionalità: UK
Generi: Dj Set Electro swing
Si esibiscono il: 07 Jun, 08 Jun, 09 Jun
Tel.: +44 7774 211706
Jon Bongly Dj Jon Bongly is a DJ of positive, energising music. He particularly likes retro remix and electro swing, including swinghop, swingstep, swing house, swing n bass, ghetto funk, vintage swing, broken swing, and other garden furniture. Also likes pulsing techno and wriggling tropical beats ;-). Oh, he's a drummer/percussionist too. It is Jon’s ability to merge Electro Swing seamlessly with other phenomenal sounds from pulsing techno to wriggling tropical house that means his dance floor is always heaving, where others' merely jig about a bit. SUITABLE: FOR ALL