Spettacolo: C'era due volte un piede
Nazionalità: Italia - Argentina
Generi: Puppetry (with feet)
Si esibiscono il: 06 Jun, 08 Jun, 09 Jun
Email: veronica@teatrinodeipiedi.it
Url: www.teatrinodeipiedi.it
Tel.: +39 0543744779, fax: 05435798012
Veronica Gonzalez - Teatrino dei piedi Veronica Gonzalez is an eclectic artist who capture the attention of the audience with a fresh smile. She opens a suitcase and put up her feet into the sky to give life to the characters that are part of her shows titled: "C'era una volta due piedi". A gallery of hilarious stories interpreted by funny characters born from the feet, knees, hands, head and whole body of the artist that will grab the audience's attention for the duration of one hour. Entertainment acclaimed and loved by children and adults. guaranteed Success SUITABLE FOR: ALL