Nazionalità: UK
Generi: Wonky Slalypso, Ghetto Dancehall, Caribbean Mashup and Refixery music
Si esibiscono il: 06 Jun, 07 Jun, 08 Jun, 09 Jun
Ennio Maccaroni Dj Despite countless attempts from many, it hasn't been possible to date, to find a pigeon hole that is quite the same shape as Ennio Maccaroni's dub/ska/reggae/calypso/funk/breaks/ragga/jungle flavoured productions and mixes. Heavily influenced by the time he spent working with the enigmatic Cheesemangler in the mid 90s, Ennio J Maccaroni has been lovingly hand-crafting refixes, remixes and more, ever since. Ennio spent several years as a junior rum tester with the notorious Backbeating Sounds, and has also taken second place in the NCRRMC (North Ceredigion Reggae Refix of the Month Competition) on two occasions (Aug. 2007, Oct. 2007). SUITABLE: FOR ALL