Spettacolo: Rearview Mirror
Nazionalità: Italia
Generi: "Traveling" theater performance
Si esibiscono il: 06 Jun, 07 Jun, 08 Jun
Email: marcoaust@libero.it
Tel.: + 39 3487077405
Marco Austeri e Valentina Jalali Rearview Mirror is a travel and adventure, it is a theatrical performance in the saddle of a motorbike that starts and ends on the road. We offer the chance to go on a trip to live a 'adventure in pairs without knowing who their traveling companion. The only contribution required is the desire to get carried away and rely to unknown. Whenever you decide to leave you accept the inherent possibility of a risk, a digression into the flow constant and more or less orderly existence that you have chosen to live. SUITABLE: OVER 18 YEARS