Spettacolo: Il Mercante di Monologhi
Nazionalità: Italia
Generi: Comic theatre
Si esibiscono il: 07 Jun, 08 Jun
Email: matthias_martelli@yahoo.it
Url: www.matthiasmartelli.it
Tel.: +39 3497747137
Matthias Martelli Dynamic, funny and sometimes decreeing “il mercante di monologhi” is a show which brings to the streets this artists voice. Matthias martelli dresses as a merchant a man of business an “entrepreneur” who calls to the public to purchase his wares above all comical. His words turn into people strange and absurd that seem real. The merchant jumps onto his wooden cart and listens to the shout from the public and turns into one of his incredible personages absurd but they seem real so absurd that after his show he asks “But what type of world do we live in?” but what is the use of monologue ? you cant wear it like a jacket its true but it can infiltrate your brain and leave inside a word an image or a jest. A play from 500 where you are asked to form a circle before it starts. Its about a grotesque personage he is the sponsor of monologue. A show thought out as a comical performance as well as combining jests and language and the improvisation of the theatre. The public will explode every time at this marvel. SUITABLE: FOR ALL