Spettacolo: Fotografii
Nazionalità: Italia - Francia
Generi: Folk music
Si esibiscono il: 08 Jun
Email: rascoussier@libero.it
Url: www.marcabru.com, www.facebook.com/pages/Marcabru/289063047790795?fref=ts
Tel.: +39 368 253416
Marcabru No better place than a Buskers Festival for the presentation of a disco Folk music (“Folk Randagio”)? Marcabru presents “Fotografii”. Marcabru, as their Provencal ancestor of the 13th century, love to sing in various languages; they meet in the jungle of musical genres in 2004; “Folk Randagio” was published in 2007, “Derive” in 2011; in April 2014, was èpublished the third album “Fotografii.” SUITABLE: FOR ALL