Spettacolo: Heymoonshaker
Nazionalità: UK
Generi: Electroblues, beatbox
Si esibiscono il: 06 Jun, 07 Jun
Email: elena@diplomatsofsound.org
Url: www.facebook.com/heymoonshaker, heymoonshaker.co.uk
Tel.: +44 1173290786, +44 7447566315
Heymoonshaker Heymoonshaker : the blues duo beatbox and guitar - voice has already reached 27 million views on youtube , A beatboxer grew up in the street and a blues guitarist could not stay too long on the sidelines. The sound is captivating for its disruption of our habits of sound. They are famous in Europe but also in Canada , USA and Mexico. Rolling Stone magazine FR has described their performance as " stunning" and "a well balanced mix of smiles , verbal sparring and an impressive performance convey deep emotions . Dazzling!" SUITABLE: FOR ALL