Spettacolo: Valigie d’artista
Nazionalità: Italia
Generi: Workshop for children
Si esibiscono il: 05 Jun, 06 Jun, 07 Jun, 08 Jun
Email: chiocciolalacasadelnomade@gmail.com, ire.valenti@gmail.com
Url: www.chiocciolalacasadelnomade.it/, www.marcocecotto.com
Tel.: +39 3345760963
Chiocciola la casa del nomade e Marco Cecotto Games of perspective, altered perspectives, frottages, collections, words, pictures, sounds... Children narrate Pennabilli thanks to audio-visual installation in which the viewer can interact in the dark. “Valigie d’artista”is the result of an educational process developed by 2 Chiocciola la casa del nomade” in the primary schools of Pennabilli and Ponte Messa with the support of the association Ultimo Punto. The installation is made in collaboration with Marco Cecotto, sound artist. SUITABLE: FOR CHILDREM FROM 6 YEARS