savestreetartbianco.jpgWhy we organize this Festival?

To have fun, of course!
But also to support street artists and their ancient tradition.
Until few years ago an old italian order law (art. 121 T.U. 18.06.1931 nr. 773) prohibited unauthorized performances on public areas. That’s why town-police could prevent buskers from entertaining passers-by.
In order to propose a change, in 1997 the municipality of Pennabilli (following other italian cities: e.g. Certaldo, Colmurano, San Giovanni in Persiceto) decided to issue regulations on purpose and to allow street performing. Since 1999, roadsigns at the entrances of the town welcome artists and remember this friendly permission.
In august 2001, the parliament cancelled performing arts from the list of activities which need to be authorized by local administrations. But the law still enables town governors to completely forbid them.

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