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The Flamin' Butterflies Una coppia che fa scintille!...
Caron e Alan propongono uno straordinario spettacolo pirotecnico di 15-20 minuti, coreografato su alienante musica trance.
Il loro repertorio comprende hoola hoop infuocato, twirling con aste fiammeggianti, stelle filanti ruotate a 2500 giri al minuto, girandola umana.

The Flaming' Butterflies are a two piece outfit who perform a 15-20 minutes fireshow choreagraphed to uplifting trance music.
They have been thrilling audiences with their high energy fire performances since their beginnings on the beaches of Goa in '96. Since then they have taken their show onto the streets and stages around Europe, Asia and Australia. Their repertoire includes a flamin' hoola hoop, swingin clubs, fire twirling using single and double staff combinations, sparklers at 2500 rpm and a blazing human catherine wheel.
The Flamin' ButterfliesThey have a portable sound system which means they can virtually set up and do their show pretty much anywhere.
The Flamin' Butterflies are available to do performances for pubs, clubs, festivals, parties... Feel free to contact them if you would like to find out more.

'...The final show proved to be the surprise of the night, a wild pyrotechnics spectacular by the Flamin' Butterflies which finished with a human catherine wheel that had the crowd screaming for more...' (Gavin McGuren, West Side Observer - Perth)
'...Audiences watch spellbound and spontaneously erupt into raptuous applause as these dazzling routines unfold their eyes. A must see piece of heart warming brilliance!... (Dom Perry, Street Biz - Sydney)

Per contatti: Pyrotekno Performers Alan Star and Caron Mason
tel. 08 95255152 fax 95255434 (Australia) - +44 0141 7716729 (United Kingdom)   e-mail

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