Duo Laos

Otros Aires

Duo Laos

Duo Laos is an acrobatic duo from Argentina, living in Barcelona and working all around the world. Since 2004 performing in circus, dinner shows, theater productions and street festivals. With more than 10 years of experience and mixing different artistic tools, they share passion for circus and partner acrobatics.
"Otros Aires" is a combination of Hand to hand and Tango, latinoamerican rock and Ballet, all carachterized by dedication and persistence like a driving force to continue. An invitation to the audience into the universe of this couple, with proper characteristics and from a country where the acceptance of instability and presence of flexibility are essencial characteristics to survive. "Otros Aires” want to represent how is possible to create and express yourself alone, with your idea, your enthusiasm, presence and tenacity.


Show: Otros Aires
Country: Argentina
Genre: Acrobatic tango comedy show
Email: duolaos@gmail.com
Url: www.duolaos.com
Phone: +34 622689372

Time Table

Date Time Duration Place
02/06/2017 21:00 30 min 20 - Anfiteatro
03/06/2017 18:45 30 min 20 - Anfiteatro
03/06/2017 22:45 30 min 21 - Piazza Montefeltro
04/06/2017 16:15 30 min 20 - Anfiteatro
04/06/2017 22:15 30 min 21 - Piazza Montefeltro