Fraser Hooper

Country Life

Fraser Hooper

After a glittering career in menswear and two years on the London cabaret circuit in the popular double act The Hoons, Fraser Hooper decided to go solo. Twenty-four years on he is still touring, playing theaters, comedy galas and clown festivals worldwide
With a nod to the great silent clowns he uses mime, audience participation, slapstick and eccentric dance in hilarious shows that delight all ages and receive rave reviews wherever he plays. At present there are no plans to go back to menswear.

Take one award winning clown, sprinkle on some magic, add some eccentric dancing, a water skiing cow and a large remote control duck and you have the perfect recipe for guaranteed giggles. Fresh from the worldwide success of his Boxing show, Fraser Hooper ventures into the great outdoors with another glorious concoction of ridiculous routines. 
Fraser Hooper has become a favourite on the festival circuit, delighting audiences of all ages in over thirty countries with his unique brand of contemporary clowning. 
"Perfect comic timing, Hooper is super." (The Sunday Mail Australia)

Show: Country Life
Country: New Zealand
Genre: Clown show
Phone: +64 226513018, +64 226513018

Time Table

Date Time Duration Place
01/06/2017 22:15 45 min 1 - Piazza V.Emanuele II
02/06/2017 16:00 45 min 5 - Piazza Mastini
02/06/2017 21:00 45 min 11 - Piazzetta san Rocco
03/06/2017 15:30 45 min 11 - Piazzetta san Rocco
03/06/2017 21:45 45 min 1 - Piazza V.Emanuele II
04/06/2017 17:15 45 min 20 - Anfiteatro
04/06/2017 21:15 45 min 11 - Piazzetta san Rocco