Marta Finazzi work since 2010 as acrobat, performer and street artist. In 2012 she founded Duo Artemis a street theater company, by which in 2014 she won Milano Festival Public Awards, and she arrived 2th to the Gianni Damiano Lunathic Awards. In the same years she started a collaboration with Circo Patuf company as air acrobat. In 2015 she performed in Argentina with Transhumantes Circo Company and is from all these experiences that her solo project Maldimar is born.
Dragging a giant trunk, between clouds of dust and weathered yellow cards, shows up Maldimar.
Loking like an anime, she invites the public to enter her own universe, made of strings and knots, of little daily magic. Simple gestures that seen with a child's eyes turn into spectacular acrobatics which bring adults to the astonishment of children.
Below and above are just words, gravity does not exist, the height is measured by imagination.
In a child's world everything makes sense and is connected by the thread of fantasy. Even when you are alone there is always an imaginary friend ready to play with you.
Poetry, improvisation with the public, acrobatics with strings and a large puppet are the elements that characterize the world of Maldimar.

Show: immaginaria
Country: Italy
Genre: Aerial acrobatics with rope
Phone: +39 3285776541

Time Table

Date Time Duration Place
02/06/2017 15:15 45 min 21 - Piazza Montefeltro
03/06/2017 15:45 45 min 21 - Piazza Montefeltro
04/06/2017 15:00 45 min 21 - Piazza Montefeltro