Scooby Dub

Dj set with turntables

Scooby Dub

Scooby Dub (dj, producer, audio engineer) is one of the referents of the new Global Bass scene in Berlin. His dj-residences at the parties Eck Echo and Esperanza made him well-known between the Tropical Bass lovers of the city, and allowed him to play throughout Europe.
He has released his music on labels like Regional Label (Santiago de Chile), Caballito Netlabel (Spain), Kumbalé (Berlin), Etoro (London), Cassette Blog (Mexico), Folcore Records (Barcelona), Casa Caos (Brasil), Iberian Juke (Spain) or El Susto Records (Berlin).
He collaborates with Cassette Blog (Mexico DF), one of the most important sources of tropical bass and electronic Latin-American music, writing reviews of new releases. He’s worked also as stage manager for the Salon de Baile stage at Fusion Festival (Germany).

Show: Dj set with turntables
Country: Germany
Genre: Global tropical bass music
Phone: +49 1784432423

Time Table

Date Time Duration Place
02/06/2017 01:30 2 h 19 - Palacirco
03/06/2017 01:45 1 h 30 min 19c - Dub Garden
04/06/2017 01:30 2 h 19b - Circo Patuf