Who are we?

We are a cultural association called Ultimo Punto (last point) that takes his name from the last point of The picture of Dorian Gray‘s preface “All art is quite useless“.

logo-up-con-scritta.JPGThe association was born in 1998, and among its primary purposes there are:

  • promotion, development, preservation of artistic culture in Montefeltro region, Italy and foreign countries
  • creation and production of live shows, musical, theatrical, cinematographic events, exhibitions, conferences, courses
  • conception, programming and managing of every kind of festivals and events for public and private administrations

Associazione Culturale Ultimo Punto
via Salita Valentini, 7
47864 Pennabilli (RN)

tel. e fax +39 0541 928003

Skype Me™! Skype name: artistiinpiazza