Who are we?

We are a cultural association called Ultimo Punto (last point) that takes his name from the last point of The picture of Dorian Gray‘s preface “All art is quite useless“. We are a group of various people with different interests, jobs, backgrounds. We work hard to organize this Festival from more than twenty years.

logo-up-con-scritta.JPGBut this is not the only thing that Ultimo Punto does.
In fact the mission of the Association, born in 1998, is:

  • promotion, development, preservation of artistic culture in Montefeltro region, Italy and foreign countries
  • creation and production of live shows, musical, theatrical, cinematographic events, exhibitions, conferences, courses
  • conception, programming and managing of every kind of festivals and events for public and private administrations

In this years we organized many different things but among others the most exiting and involving thing has been enjoying street art. This is the reason why we keep on producing, searching and promoting street art events.

Associazione Culturale Ultimo Punto
via Salita Valentini, 7
47864 Pennabilli (RN)

tel. e fax +39 0541 928003

Skype Me™! Skype name: artistiinpiazza