Los Albertos

Los Albertos
Since their formation in late 2002, Los Albertos have been creating a frenzy upon the dance floors and grassy fields of Europe with their inimitable foot-stompin’, brass-blaring high energy blend of ska, punk, funk, dub and original beats. Drawing upon a peculiarly twisted English humour (where The Comic Strip meets League of Gentlemen) this six-piece throw in some dynamite horn, guitar and drum action and invariably you end up with a band firing on all cylinders and on top of their game. It’s dance music, Jim, but not as we know it…

Their first album, Los Bop, contained such classics as Cheeky Rascal, Bossman, Mr Chip and Pikey Killed My Goldfish. This summer they self-released a new 12-track album Information Overload, with new classics such as Friends, Heal, Leavin’ the Band, Scientist, Resist and Beer Panic. Direct comparisons are impossible but listen closely and you can hear the ghosts of Lee Perry hanging out with Joe Strummer whilst Count Basie drops by with Carlos Santana and chews the fat about Ian Dury and all the Madness in the air! – a riotous flurry of horn-driven ska, drum and bass, and swing, capped off by a cheeky persona, naughty lyrics, but with a thoroughly contemporary feel. And it’s the sheer energy and fun that binds all this into what is the Los Albertos sound.

Lyrically, they cast a net far and wide, singing about the joys of going to festivals, drinking beer, psychedelic experiences at dental surgeries, celebrating life, calling in sick, too much information, stupid governments, nice men from next door and, of course, love… Five of the band sing, they all write songs, and they all inject a crazy energy into the music which is just bloody good fun. They always put a smile on the faces of those who see and hear them. 2006 has been a very busy year for this hard working band - they recorded and released an album, played over 120 gigs around the country, made a couple of videos, and even bought and renovated a gigging van!

Already they have gained a big and loyal following with gigs at many of the best festivals in the United Kingdom and Europe including Glastonbury, Beautiful Days, Shambahla, Larmer Tree, Spraoi and Lovebox Weekender. And their residency at Brighton’s Joogleberry is the stuff of legend.

The band are currently recording new demos of lots of new material, with a view to recording in Italy in May of this year. As well as that, lots of plans are being forged for tours this year. Watch this site for updates and news on all things Los Bos.

Thanks as always go out to Tom Livingstone. Without him none of the above would have been possible as he was an original member, who did so much with the creation of this band. He can be found now playing with Fanfara, amongst many other sessions he is starting to appear on. We wish him love and luck always.
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Music
Email: jeff@brighton.co.uk,
Url: www.losalbertos.co.uk