Sam & Jaqui

Un Posto al sole

Sam & Jaqui
A place in the sun.
Bernard and May have decided to go on a long awaited vacation. They pack their scrubbing brush and their soap and set off across the seas to find a place in the sun. After a long and tiring journey they arrive in the beautiful country of Italy.
However, as with all great adventures, it doesn’t take long before things start to go terribly wrong. Bernard develops a taste for the fine wines of Italy, and May develops a taste for the charming Italian men. From here, a series of hilarious and skilful antics ensue.
Featuring high level skills of rolla bolla, bounce juggling, club juggling, magic, acrobatics, live music and general foolishness, this light hearted tale is sure to entertain adults and children alike.
Show: Un Posto al sole
Country: Australia
Genre: Comic theatre, Street theatre