Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti
Tutti Frutti are excited to announce that it's time to roll out the pink carpet once more....
Tina & BB are back!!!

Central Australia's one and only STUNT WATERSKIING DUO!

...and they're heading north to carve up the waters of Europe...
Inspired by the grace of Esther Williams and born with a passion for stunt water skiing, these sisters - direct from the Australian desert - won't let the drought stand in the way of a dream. Equipped with their W.A.S.A - Water-skiing Aquatic Simulating Apparatus (an inflatable wading pool), a couple of frilly pink bikinis and tow ropes tied to the nearest solid object...These little Aussie battlers are bringing stunt water skiing to the edge, on stages and streets all around the world! .
Country: Australia
Genre: Street theatre, Comic theatre
Email: THE BRIDGE PRODUCTIONS, aleksandra.greder@thebridgeproductions.net
Url: www.thebridgeproductions.net