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Vigilante Safari Mafia
Carlos Vamos
Born in Spain from Spanish and Dutch parents, Carlos had an international upbringing that brought him into close contact with a great variety of musical cultures. All of them influenced and shaped his unique sound and distinctive way of playing the guitar. Carlos Vamos is what people would call a guitar virtuoso! But what clearly distinguishes him from many technically skilled players is that his music comes straight from the heart: Carlos doesn't use his technique to impress, but rather to express. At the age of 13, Carlos discovered the magic of the guitar when a friend played an AC/DC record for him (If You Want Blood You've Got It) . A few months, later he received his first electric guitar as a Xmas present from his parents. Although Carlos originally started as a Hard Rock guitar player, he was never narrow minded: he always felt free to walk outside the pathways and to discover all the amazing, beautiful music that the world had to offer. Vamos never had an official musical education but learnt all his skills from carefully listening to records and watching other people play. To this day his musical approach is driven by instinct and not by theory and rules. In 1997, after a friend had convinced him to go to a Stanley Jordan concert, everything suddenly took a complete different direction. Carlos was amazed to see a whole new way of playing the guitar! Stanley introduced Carlos to the use of the tapping style, a technique designed to achieve a level of orchestral complexity equaling that of a keyboard instrument. This technique makes it possible to play two completely independent lines at the same time on a guitar. Carlos was very fortunate to have private lessons from the master himself on several occasions. After years of intense practice, Carlos has become a master of the tapping technique and has released several albums that display his unique adaptation of this technique to his personal musical visions. To date, he has released eight solo guitar albums and one album with his trio. In addition, he has contributed as a highly regarded accompanist and session musician on cds and in live concerts for artists including Herman Van Veen, Karin Hougaard, Richard Summerbell and many others. On his cd release, "Tappenade," two of the greatest guitar players around, Jan Akkerman and Stanley Jordan, have contributed as guest musicians. In the summer of 2004, Carlos was invited to the USA to record an album with the highly acclaimed bass player Michael Manring and the acoustic wizard Justin King in Oregon. This album is scheduled for release in 2006. Carlos's studio production skills, put into practice at his own Vamosia studios, have allowed him to record and produce albums not only for himself but also for many satisfied artists including Robin Nolan, Tolga Emilio, Hot Club De Frank, Alonso Rio, etc., etc., etc. He has toured the world extensively as a busker, playing in places all over Europe, including Scandinavia, as well as in Canada, Oman, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia ..... He has performed at festivals around the globe like the Helsinki Guitar festival, Marbella Jazz Fest, Oudshoorn Arts festival in South Africa, Colmurano Artistrada, Edinburgh Fringe, Ferrara Buskers, Fete de la Musique Paris.... In January 2005 Harlekijn Records, owned by Herman Van Veen, released a Carlos Vamos compilation CD that features a collection of songs from his previously released albums. In the spring of 2005 Carlos released his first Solo Guitar DVD.

Lindsay Buckland
He is internationally renown for his legendary street performances around the globe.

Undisputed as the worlds foremost electric dulcimer player, Lindsay has successfully crafted a unique original melodic sound emanating from a simple folk instrument, the Appalachian dulcimer.

Merged with the latest electronics he has been at the forefront of contemporary world music & composition over the past decade.

His multi-cultural audiences and mass appeal, to such a diverse age group are testament to the popularity of his infectious style of music. As a result his CD's have sold in numbers previously unheard of for a totally independent recording artist.

Inspiring, captivating, soothing and awakening are just but a few words to describe his soulful music.
Country: Spain
Genre: Music