In the summer 2006 in a jugglingconvention in Prag, Dominik Kuman and Girosola were performing on the same stage with different shows. This was the beginning of a very intense time of their lives... With the same passions in their heart, circus and travelling, they mixed their experiences, their skills, and in the summer 2007 combining new ideas and new emotions... the CIRCOWAGABUNDO was born.
The show is a minivariete’ in which three elegant clochards meet by chance in the Nowherestreet. There is a hitchhicker with his hats, a fakir and a a tightrope walker looking at what happens down in the street. They meet for few moments and keep going their own way. But the same passion keeps them together... the happiness of celebrating life... and it’s exactly this feeling what takes the audience with them and into a show so intense and impredictable... welcome to Nowherestreet and Nasdrowia!
Show: nowherestreet
Country: Poland-Italy
Genre: Circus