Senmaru Kagami & Yuki


Senmaru Kagami & Yuki
Senmaru & Yuki are performers of "Edo-Daikagura". The original purpose of Daikagura was to serve
as a talisman for the people, chasing away evil on behalf of the gods of the shrines. Thus,
Daikagura was originally a very sacred and serious performance. Today, the performance is becoming
people''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s entertainment. They wear a "kimono" and perform Japanese traditional juggling.
Various objects are spun around on the top of an umbrella. The big top spins at the end of a long stick.
The ceramic teapot jumps on a mouth stick.
Show: Edo-Daikagura
Country: Japan
Genre: Japanese traditional juggling