The Pitts

Pitt Family Circus

The Pitts
Cessil Pitt(Master Magician, Yogic Guru and Lord of the Dark Arts) and Sandy Pitt
(Long Jump Champion of south west Tasmania) are brother and sister who perform together as
the dynamically daggy duo "The Pitts" Raised on the farm in isolated Pittsville by a mechanic
mother and goat farmimg father our small town personalitieas are both charming and amusing,
a nod to the outback eccentrics of country Australia Our 45 min street show combines high
level comedy acrobatics and juggling routines, audience interaction and a healthy dose of offbeat,
slapstick humour. adaptable for stage ,street or other it requires 5x5m area with 5m minimum height also.
Techniqually the show is entirely self contained as we use battery operated amplification and radio
microphones. The music is catchy and reminisicent of the vaudevillian style of performance
Show: Pitt Family Circus
Country: Tasmania
Genre: Comedy Acrobatics Circus