Sound Inc.

Sound Inc.
Sound_Inc: - "We've started to make music together by now from two years (2008 more or less) and in this time, little by little, the friendship and the love to making music together they have elevated to us to a well-being form and of peace. This condition allow us to live and to compose with the smile… that true one. One years ago, from the March parts, we are escapes with our first album (It' s all about making notes). To that time we still called JohnHed& nik also because b.Kun (winner of IDA world champion 2009/2010) only joined to us (and viceversa) on ending of album. But as I have said before, little by little we have arrived to the true fusion and the just cohesion. In these years we have exhibited ourselves for the alleys of Artisti in Piazza (2009/2010), to Smiaf (2009/2010) and the Winter Fest of Sarajevo (2010). The many persons whom to us they have seen and listened to have always shared our smiles on their faces. Every moment has been a moment to remember like in a kind of diary freed from its secret. What we want from SOUND_INC is a funky jazz flavored from atmospheres and micro electro worlds… The future!? Well, to my imaginary friend I can answer that we will continue following this new evolution till to succeed to touch more possible spirits….and sooner or later we will succeed also to play to the door of new album….and creed own that it will open giving to us the welcome!" -. Turntable & Electronics Cells B.KUN Keyboards JOHNNY BOY Drums HED Bass C.J.
Country: Italy - San Marino
Genre: Jazz Funk Music - Hip Hop