A la sante' de Django

Voyage manouche

A la sante
The group performs sounds and atmosphere typical of the Alsatian Gipsy caravans (manouche), influenced by the style of Paris of the forties. The show "A la Sante' de Django" is a pleasant journey among european sounds ranging from jazz to ethnic music: the music of the great Django Reinhardt. With their swing they can draw the audience by injecting enthusiasm and joy and at the same time peacefulness and serenity. During the show, the spectators will often be actively involved: they'll be given some small instruments, and they'll be encouraged to clap their hands keeping up with the pace. The show ends with pieces which will bring the audience to a dreamful dimension. The group is composed by: Nicola Menci and Dario Napoli (guitar), Guitto Ramirez (double-bass), Moreno Raspanti (accordion). SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Voyage manouche
Country: Italy
Genre: Jazz Manouche Music
Email: info@alasantededjango.com,
Url: www.alasantededjango.com - in costruzione