Andrea Loreni funambolo

Camminarenelcielo -Traversata castelli di Penna e Billi

Andrea Loreni funambolo
For Artisti in Piazza's fifteenth birthday here's a big event: the tightrope walker Andrea Loreni will join the castles of Penna and Billi in an extraordinary crossing. The two hills are about 250 mt far from each other, and the rope will reach a maximum height of 90 mt. Andrea Loreni, a degree in philosophy and decennial experience as street performer and tightrope walker, is keeping a journal on the website "Two years ago Enrico Partisani, art director of the festival 'Artisti in Piazza', talked to me about this idea of joining Penna and Billi hills, between which lies Pennabilli, with a tightrope crossing. We're working to put this project into action, and these pages will tell you everything about it". Andrea continues: "We've already started the technical and logistical work, and the setting up of the cable will take 7 days. This is a new challenge for me, and despite the difficulties and uncertainties I decided to face it with enthusiasm. After many years of practicing, the height of the rope has increased more and more and the empty space beneath has become familiar; but in spite of my experience, I have to be constantly concentrated, because each moment of distraction could be the wrong one". The tightrope walking is scheduled for saturday, June 4th. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Camminarenelcielo -Traversata castelli di Penna e Billi
Country: Italy