Musica per Ciarlatani, Ballerine e Tabarin

Close your eyes and imagine a flea that danceS a tango in a circus, a coffee-pot that playS music in a village band, an old merry-go-round, a silent film with Buster Keaton, penguins dancing balkan music, a group of gipsies playng bottles, chairs and everything they come across... Now open your eyes, and you'll see a small six-men orchestra playing with music, theatre, instruments and words. Camillocromo music, as a chamaleon, ranges from swing to gipsy, balkan sounds, tango, south-american rhythm, through circuses, fanfares, dance halls and fantastic places. "You'll travel all over the world listening to this music, made of unexpected, appealing melody, reminiscent of Fellini, of Bregovic, of old french movies". Since their debut in 2005, more than 400 shows in Italy and Europe festivals, among which: Fira Magica in Barcelona, Volterra Teatro, Carnaval de Madrid, Folkest, WorldmusicfestivaL in Lugano, Musicastrada, Haizetara Festival in the Basque Country, Fabbrica Europa, Efes Pilsen One Love Festival (Istanbul), Pflasterspektakel Festival in Linz... They've arranged the music for many cinema and theatre productions, such as "I Musicanti di Brema" (Catalyst), "Raschmunzel" with the Circus Bone Idle and various works in cooperation with the Teatro Viaggiante. Alberto Becucci – Accordion; Enrico Chiarini – Clarinet; Giordano Geroni – Susafa & Tuba; Francesco Masi – Trumpet; Rodolfo Sarli - Trombone; Gabriele Stoppa – Drums. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Musica per Ciarlatani, Ballerine e Tabarin
Country: Italy
Genre: Theatralmusic, Swing, gipsy, balkan, tango music