Cia Mattatoio sospeso

Les amants du ciel

Cia Mattatoio sospeso
The company was founded by Marco Mannucci in 2006. Mattatoio is a (public) shambles. Mattatoio is where anything can happen. Mattatoio and its "Matt'attori" (crazy actors) are wacky, freakish, out of the ordinary... suspended. They are fond of climbing, acrobatics, theatre, street theatre, unordinary poetics, circus. Mattatoio, reminiscent of Banham architectural theories and of Chagall visions, leaves the ground and flies onto towers, castles and buildings facades, with performances involving the architecture which "hosts" the show. Laws of gravitation break through the non-place of suspension. The audience and the architectural space get carried away to another dimension: a dreamlike dimension where there are no rules, where one can fly and daydream. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Les amants du ciel
Country: Italy