Cirque Branc

La Petite Formule

Cirque Branc
Circo Branc presents: the show, the caravans, a stage... a circus. There'll be no time to get bored: eating pop corn, you will watch acrobatics performance, somersaults, and some problem here and there but... all's well that ends well! We will show you what we really are: branc, itinerant, and above all... sentimental. Inspired by the nostalgia of a past way of living our time, in a simple and rustic fashion, we are overwhelemd by a deep and slight feeling which carries us away. Creation and recreation of an unceasingly moving universe in the air and on earth, along with memory and traditions: the circus the way it used to be. Pierre le Gouallec, Chiara Bagni and Anhalou Serre. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: La Petite Formule
Country: Italy - France
Genre: Circus