Duo Bucolico

Cantastorie profetici, mistici e moderni

Duo Bucolico
EXTRA - The singer-songwriters Antonio Ramberti and Daniele Maggioli featuring an engaging, amusing and sarcastic music show!!! Their show is a weird farce, half elevated songwriting (as their lyrics are very accurate and refined) half popular and burlesque music. Their experience leads them into the world of improvisation and interaction with the audience. With its definite vein of cynicism and its radical style, the Duo creates grotesque and surreal songs making use of a warping language of dada taste, thus reversing the world in order to unveil its most inconvenient and bizarre sides. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Cantastorie profetici, mistici e moderni
Country: Italy
Genre: Songwriters
Email: dmaggioli@gmail.com,
Url: www.danielemaggioli.com