Radio Salmonela

The "F" hour is drawing closer and... the research on 'sport' sounds and frequency modulation begins: the most awaited radio event. Finally Hilton can tune in to his favourite broadcast, when suddenly this is cut off. Starting from this hitch, Hilton interplays with the spectators and creates a sport passionate-parodic atmosphere which brings him to score the goal of his life in an epic way: naked, cheeky, with humour, until the marker comes... SUITABLE FOR: ALL HILTOFF: Clown, clumsy tip-tap dancer, frustrated musician, elite sportsman, antiquarian, exhibitionist, not-too-chatty mime and buffoon, Hilton Hiltoff will bring you into his fantastic soccer world. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Radio Salmonela
Country: Spain
Genre: Clown, Street theatre
Email: hiltinho@hotmail.com,
Url: www.hiltoff.es