Marco Raparoli

E' piccolo ma crescera'

Marco Raparoli
Marco Raparoli, street performer and circus art teacher, has won the contest "Cantieri di Strada 2011" with his show "E' piccolo ma crescera'": and this has come as a sort of celebration right in the 10th year of his career. In 1998, during community service, he had the chance to spend much time in schools with kids and learn again how to play. He was an educator, a playworker and a school service coordinator for 5 years; during this time he worked both with differently-able and able-bodied kids. He has cultivated his passion for juggling, clown and acrobatics all along. He then attended courses at the "Piccola Scuola di Circo" in Milan, and took part in many workshops with foreign teachers. In this period he started performing solo and group shows, combinging his passion for art with the the professionalism of an educational job. In 2003 he took some time off social activities and devoted himself to his passion, which brought him to the "Cirko Vertigo" juggling school in Turin where he graduated in 2005 in contemporary circus art. Afterwards, he kept attending refresher courses and internship on juggling and theatre with international artists and teachers. In 2005 he went on tour in the most important italian circus festivals with the show "Northern Star", directed by Jay Gilligan (USA). He's been performing for over 10 years now, touring all around Italy and Europe, presenting his shows which are a mix of street art and contemporary circus. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: E' piccolo ma crescera'
Country: Italy
Genre: Street theatre