Mattia Simoncelli

Libri animati

Mattia Simoncelli
Mattia Simoncelli was born in Faenza in 1974. He attended international courses in Commedia dell'Arte and stock character. He studied under Carlo Boso, Nelly Queete, Benoit Combes, Stefano Perrocco di Medusa and Michele Modesto Casarin of the company Pantakin. Then he decided to deepen his study of comedy by taking part in stages on clown art with Jane Mening. He worked with the company Maan, with Giorgia Penso and Davide Schinaia, in the staging of "Candide" by Voltaire. In the last few years he's been following a project to promote reading with the show ""Libri animati" (pop-up books), with the purpose of encouraging people to listen and tell stories. His techniques are those of actor playing and puppets. Mattia's shows are conceived to bring reading closer to the kids, by rousing their interest and training them to listening. The pop-up books are made of natural materials such as wood and fabric, and they are very large once opened completely. SUITABLE FOR: ALL - CHILDREN (OVER 4)
Show: Libri animati
Country: Italy
Genre: Puppets theatre