Progetto Brockenhaus/di Terlizzi-Manenti

La menta sul pavimento

Progetto Brockenhaus/di Terlizzi-Manenti
"La menta sul pavimento" is an imaginary projection of the President's grey matter. A convention of grey bodies and gagged little men. An assembly where she complains of her comic pregnancy and he torments himself ironically. A conference to which the spectators are invited, and where they will get stuck into an "overturned" imaginative world, filled with grotesque children unable to tell fiction from reality. The company Progetto Brockenhaus was born in 2008, growing out of a great professional affinity and from the wish to create a new group of "body theather". Elisa Canessa, Federico Dimitri, Elisabetta di Terlizzi, Piera Gianotti, Francesco Manenti and Emanuel Rosenberg are the six dancers and actors involved in the project as performers and producers. They come from the world of dance, theater and circus (Scuola Teatro Dimitri, Scuola Circo Teatro Galante Garrone, contemporary dance and butoh dance) and they've been working with many Italian and Swiss companies (Sosta Palmizi, Compagnia i Tre Secondi, Origen, Pantakin da Venezia, Teatro Kismet Opera, Habillé d’eau, Compagnia Enzo Cosimi, Teatro Danz’abile). They are also authors of their works. They got to know each other thanks to their mutual keenness on the work on body, and through the choreographer Giorgio Rossi and the director Teresa Ludovico. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: La menta sul pavimento
Country: Switzerland