"Linge Sale, panni sporchi"

Creative Development, Dramaturgy and Direction: Firenza Guidi_ Linge Sale Project Creators, Performers: Damiano Fumagalli and Alice Roma A man, a woman. Together young and old, children and adults, accomplices, intelligent animals, small teddy bears locked up in a cage. Circular movements and memories flashing through the brain like a modern-day slide-show. hand-to-hand, adagio, acro-balance and acrobatic bicycle Extracts from the show "LINGE SALE, dirty laundry". The “première” of the show is planned on March 2012. SUITABLE FOR ALL - CHILDREN (OVER 8 YEARS)
Show: "Linge Sale, panni sporchi"
Country: Belgium
Genre: Circus - Theater
Email: raso.terra@hotmail.com,
Url: www.lingesale.com