The beat brothers

"The Beat Bros"

The beat brothers
Two clowns escaped from the eighties and from prison try to earn their living by showing their outlandish performance to the audience. You could find them delving into your purse, climbing on a gutter pipe or kidnapping a cute little dog. Someone might wonder; "Are they clowns or criminals?"... Well, they might be both... and we will show you! "The Beat Brothers" is a huge juke box of images, colours and music, which works with a particular kind of fuel... people's energy! Davide Fontana and Stefano Iaboni first met in 2009 during their respective summer tours. They realized they were on the same wavelength: they both had a similar style and love entertaining people. That's how "The Beat Brothers" was born! SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: "The Beat Bros"
Country: Italy - Spain