Fekat Circus


Fekat Circus
An artful show composed of circus, music and dance, where the artists of this young company from Addis Abeba have successfully taken the risk of joining the stories, traditions and legends of their own country to the impressive abilities of each artist, all of this in a playful spirit. The Queen of Sabah's (Makeda for the Ethipians) affair is used as a pretext to build the plot of a fantastic voyage. Virtuous juggling, acrobatic and contortionism numbers alternate with traditional dances and musics performed live, designing unique artistical scenes, rich of knowledge and pride for the origins of the culture, in a fresh creative fantasy.SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Makeda
Country: Ethiopia
Genre: Acrobatic-juggling-contortion, with live music and dancing
Email: info@nomadadventure.it,
Url: www.nomadadventure.it