Le Pu-Pazze

Il teatrino dei pu-pazzetti

Le Pu-Pazze
The Company The Pu-crazy was born in Rimini in 2006 after completing the training course "The job of puppet "at the School of Theatre in Figure" They come from the Sea "in Cervia (Italy). The company operates in the area through the creation of recreational projects, educational, pedagogical and socio-cultural and aims at developing children's creativity and no more children through performances, workshops and animated stories. Ours is a journey into the world of stories and books to give life to creative projects with different themes. Each proposal is structured in a moment of animated storytelling to children and at a laboratory. each storytelling workshop and leaves a mark, a starting point for thinking and continue to play with fantasy. The Company The Pu-Crazy is also involved in training courses for teachers, educators, and parents and build on suggestion ad hoc projects. The passion and the experience acquired in childhood, in addition to the stimuli and the enthusiasm shown by children and adults encourages us day by day to seek new ideas and dreaming up new projects.SUITABLE: FOR CHILDRENS (FROM 4 TO 10 YEARS)
Show: Il teatrino dei pu-pazzetti
Country: Spain - Italy
Genre: Workshop for children
Email: lepupazze@lepupazze.it,
Url: www.lepupazze.it