Christian Lisi ukulele trio

Songs for ukulele

Christian Lisi ukulele trio
The project Ukulele born in the winter of 2009 when a joke I bought a little ukulele in a musical instrument store. The cost was so small that I decided to buy it immediately and gave me a mini christmas gift in advance. In my journey I have met people who have and still share my new passion as Lorenzo Lucci other ukulele which I passed this "smash" for the ukulele in Hungary during a festival. In the project I also met Matthew Zucconi bassist who married too full this passion. The disc also cooperated many other musicians and singers, guitarist David Bright, Zappi clarinettist Claudio, Antonio Accordion Remedy, Goofy Guarnera Hammond, Guido Sodo bandolinista-guitarist and singers like Silvia Donati and Frida Forlani. Christian Lisi also called Django Reinhardt ukulele has a personal style that manages to convey with arragiamenti swing 30 years and sometimes also the Latin charm of this tool. SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Songs for ukulele
Country: Italy
Genre: Swing - jazz - latin