Cirque Baroque

Bela & Co.

Cirque Baroque
At the beginning, there was “Bela and Bartok”, a street performance imagined by Christian Taguet with the aim of playing it in Japan : two burlesque characters, at the same time saxophonists, singers and clowns for a performance based on the derision and the complicity with the public. Then in front of success met, the need was made day to renew the show by the appearance of others performers as well in the aerial field with the use of our crossbeam, as by floor acts. Thus “Bela and Co.” was born. Always with music live. Always on a comic and burlesque mode. This time Christian Taguet in the company of Mayumi Shimizu, a Japanese girl which is doing a fakir number: laying on broken glass. SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Bela & Co.
Country: France - Japan
Genre: Circus Burlesque