Ferrapo Dj

Ferrapo Dj
Italian dj, musician and producer. His solid reputation as a dj has seen him perform in clubs from Italy, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Polonia, Hungaria, Slovakia, Greece, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Brasil. His research and production style is influenced by his love of traditional music from all over the world and he has perfected a unique blend of Balkan, Brazilian and Afro sounds mixed up with contemporary dancefloor rhythms such as drum’n’bass, broken beat & break beat. He remixed well known bands and artists like The New Mastersound, Ojos De Brujos, Solo Moderna, Roy Paci, Janko Nilovic, Makala, Municiplae Balcanica…. Dj Set "Electro swing" from Italy: the protagonist of the new tent dedicated all'Elettro swing. Project in collaboration with the London-based events organisations Continental Drift and the company Circus Panik: English and Italian groups and DJ specializing in the genre Electro-swing ... are you ready to dance? SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Country: Italy
Genre: Dj Set Electro swing
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Url: soundcloud.com/dj-farrapo