G. Traber Produktion

Hikohki Gumo

G. Traber Produktion
Vapour trail. One dozen peeled hazel-rods varnished in white tied together by red string. One rod singled out from the bundle of 12 invites to a dance, revolves, tilts, refuses and, swishing, cuts up space. Now: All rods braced together by the string and carefully placed crosswise. All by themselves they stand and swing, almost weightless. Their precarious balance tolerates much imbalance: One rod after another is being separated from the fans crossing each other and is being stacked away, pushed through the blue garment. In the end no more space is left within the clothes; the body is vanishing. A new structure continues propping them up, reminiscent of flowing and fleeing movements. SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Hikohki Gumo
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Circus performance
Email: gtp@traberproduktion.ch,
Url: www.traberproduktion.ch