Girovago e Rondella


Girovago e Rondella
you will see a wonderful and poetic show set in a truly special place: a BUS! The project Teatrobus, borns from the experience of groups, which after many years of street theater and travel the world, feel the need to bring the theater in all those places where there are no theaters, and all those places where people do not have the habit of going to the theater, aware that art and creativity are essential for the human spirit. The hands are transformed into two incredible characters capable of performing in juggling and acrobatics, better than any human being. He's not 'only juggler, but also one man band, and fire eaters, she is tightrope walker and also more. The spotlight will light up and all of you will find yourself immersed in a fantasy world in miniature, where everything is' possible and real. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Manoviva
Country: Italy
Genre: puppetry on bus