Empty Steps

Empty Steps shows the passing of one day for a brother and sister living on the street. From waking up in a huge pile of clothes, to desperate acrobatics on a wall. Enjoying their last treasure of food, and taking solace in painting their own home on the wall. GLiMT will, through the physical language, talk about the reality for millions of children who live their childhood on the streets and where with every second got stolen a part of their innocence. GLiMTs intention is to make this a reality to the one of the audience, so the audience can reflect on this reality and on the question why it exists. Choreographer and director Camila Sarrazin uses dance, physical skills, humor and drama, to make the audience feel and reflect on how reality is for milllions of children around the world. SUITABLE: FROM 10 YEARS OLD
Show: Empty Steps
Country: Denmark
Genre: Physics Performance - Dance