Hado Ima & Watinoma


Hado Ima & Watinoma
A show with music, circus and stories, Hado Ima & Watinoma are a true African minstrels of the XXI century, they come from Burkina Faso They mix the traditional African music, (from which they originated blues and jazz), to styles that are close to reggae and rock. Thanks to Watinoma several ancient traditional instruments that you are losing the knowledge give life to blues melodies that resonate with the spirit of the desert and overwhelming rhythms that awaken the deepest layers of our emotions. The group Hado Ima & Watinoma, after performing in many shows around the whole Burkina, back in Italy, completely renovated: Hado, Adama and Idrissa. The group presents a show with a different sound: soft melodies, evolve into a rhythm that becomes more and more intense and overwhelming when the drums take the place of the stringed instruments, awakening with the lure of primordial rhythms and at the same time extremely elaborate , the deeper layers of our emotions. SUITABLE FOR: ALLSUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Kundè
Country: Burkina Faso
Genre: African music
Email: flora_dimac@yahoo.it, info@watinoma.info
Url: www.watinoma.info