Io mi chiamo Juliet

"Io mi chiamo Juliet"

Io mi chiamo Juliet
"My name is Juliet" is the title of a project dedicated to Lord of the verses. The songs performed live with guitar and two voices are nothing more than the verses of Shakespeare. All theese songs reveal the mysterious characters of Shakespeare. The actress and singer Viviana Strambelli with the actress Elizabeth Mazzullo, lead us in the work of the poet with a series of original songs composed on the words of Shakespeare. Atmospheric music, intimate and intense, but also able to capture and convey the irony and detachment typical of Shakespearean poetry. From each musical moment comes the opportunity to relive one of the great Shakespearean characters through their lines and body. A unique evening of poetry, emotion and fun. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: "Io mi chiamo Juliet"
Country: Italy
Genre: Shakespearean theater song in verse
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