Le Pu-Pazze

Storie scadute (racconti in cucuna)

Le Pu-Pazze
There is a strange kitchen where all the objects don't do what they should do, and so for breakfast, instead of making coffee, mocha becomes a wicked Queen ... Fables in the kitchen for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. We will see a great show in a world of pots and pans. Costumes, masks, and changes in the kitchen every object is transformed and takes his voice and his form. Traditional fairy tales told through the kitchen's objects. Following the laboratory: "Oggetti scaduti" every child can transform an image of an object of the kitchen into a character of fairy tales. The Company "Le Pu-Pazze" composed by Elena Jiménez Leria and Francesca Nanni, was born in Rimini in 2006 after following the training course "The job of the puppet" at the school of puppetry "They come from the Sea" from Cervia (Italy ). The Company operates in the area through the development of creative projects, recreational, educational, pedagogical and aims to develop children's creativity through animated fables and hands-on workshops. Le Pu-Pazze is also involved in training courses for teachers, educators, and parents. RECOMMENDED FOR: CHILDREN (FROM 3 TO 10 YEARS) SUITABLE FOR: CHILDREN (FROM 3 TO 10)
Show: Storie scadute (racconti in cucuna)
Country: Spain - Italy
Genre: Animated storytelling with objects and figures - Laboratory
Email: lepupazze@lepupazze.it,
Url: www.lepupazze.it