Matteo Galbusera

The Loser

Matteo Galbusera
A lone employee of the postal office has reached retirement age. On his last day of work, colleagues give him a gift, the set to go fishing ... from now on, he will know how to make sense of his days! THE LOSER is the story of a lone employee of the postal office, reached the age of retirement. As usual, on his last day of work, his colleagues give him a gift; the classic set to go fishing. He never cared crabs in his life of fishing, but at least from now on, will know how to make sense of his days. THE LOSER doesn' t have friends, he never married, his only friend is his radio. He always had a monotonous life, without impulses and strong emotions, but sometimes happen to think, for heaven's sake, just think, without doing anything concrete to do it, how he could have been mor' exciting and rewarding his life if he had been successful pursuing another profession, such as the tennis player or a rock star. He, too, could become a billionaire and be surrounded by beautiful women, he would be hailed by screaming fans all over the world... At the end of the show he wakes up from his open eyes dream, and he realise of being a LOSER, but the truth is that he's okay, let him fish in peace! SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: The Loser
Country: Italy
Genre: Crazy and Surrealist Comedy